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The Laveesha Story

Laveesha is an award winning Irish accessories store founded by Medical Scientist Louise Breslin in 2013.
The concept for Laveesha boutique arose from a memorable trip to New York. Louise noticed New Yorkers teaming striking statement jewellery with their sleek corporate outfits. An equilibrium between maximalism and minimalism. These "magpies" were letting their accessories take centre stage, elevating their looks and transforming the sidewalks to catwalks! Inspired by the trip, the brand Laveesha was created. 
At Laveesha we want to inject New York glamour into your wardrobe allowing you to manifest that 'wow' moment everytime you wear them. We want our sustainable pieces to be your everyday pieces,  as opposed to the jewellery that inevitably all meet the same forgotten fate... your jewellery box, a graveyard of one worn pieces!
Our carefully curated pieces are hand chosen in New York for both their fabulosity and versatility.  Our collections are created to last, modern classic pieces with a family heirloom aesthetic. 
This season we have curated a resort collection named "Chase the Sun". Perfect for those sun drenched days and balmy evenings.  The collection consists of statement jewellery with artful silhouettes, a luxury collection consisting of glimmering Austrian crystal and delicate pieces. Our sculptural headpieces and crowns are a favourite with all ages. 
Choose Laveesha and add a touch of whimsy to any outfit. 
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