Clip on earrings

During the 20th century it was deemed improper for a lady to pierce her ears. Therefore, clip on earrings were invented. During the 1930's clip ons earrings became popular again with the advent of the spring clips on the back. Clip on earrings have experienced a renaissance recently with celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Jennifer Garner sporting luxurious Chanel numbers. 

Today women chose clip ons over conventional earring backs for a variety of reasons including sensitive ears, allergies, unsymmetrical old piercings and needle phobias. Clip on styles also allow the wearer to chose bold chandelier styles without creating tension on the earlobe. 

This month we launched our first collection of clip on earrings at Most styles sold out within hours. This week due to demand we are introducing our luxury clip on earrings. These styles are a fabulous choice for bridal wear. The clip on backs have been designed to look discreet, meaning that only the wearer can discriminate them from pierced earrings. They are also popular with more mature ladies that feel their ear piercing is now lower on the earlobe due to the natural progression of ageing. The clip on feature ensures your earrings stay perfectly in place. 

To add to the comfort of our clip on earrings we have included little barely visible pads which serve as a cushion on the ear. We do recommend like all clip on earrings if you are wearing them for a prolonged period, remove them from your ears every few hours to massage the ear lobes and allow blood to circulate freely to the area. Then simply put them back in position.

Visit our luxury collection now to have a peek at our fab new clip on styles.

Happy shopping

Louise xxx




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